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Praxis Data Solutions Pty Ltd support is unreserved: we don't charge you for our mistakes! We spend time with you to ensure that our programs will work as specified, and stand by what we produce. Naturally, if the specification was incorrect or omitted something you find you need later on, we will add it or amend the original program, but at additional cost.
All it takes is a
phone call
or an email to tell us what you need.
Specifically for users of CECILŠ
Community Episodes of Care Information Library
is the author of CECIL .. .. .. 
and is contracted to support users of the program in a number of Queensland Health facilities using the system.

CECIL can be upgraded to a modern version using the current version of Microsoft Access without loss of data or function, and with no significant changes to the interface you are used to.  IT administrators who wish to make this change should contact us with their details, including the number of users, at the email address below.

Please send your CECIL Support Request by e-mail, noting what you were trying to do, the name of the screen, and any other factors.
Please ensure you include this information on your email:
- Hospital name
- Contact name
- Email address
- Phone number
- Stand-alone PC or networked
- Description of the problem, with a screen dump
Click here to start a CECIL Support e-mail
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