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Data Solutions Software



Services include:
Integrated Office Solutions - Access/Excel and Excel/Access

MS Access databases
Excel spreadsheet design
VB Purpose Built Programs

Pty Ltd

an Australian company registered in Queensland and founded in 1992
The company provides custom data solutions for it's clients, based on comprehensive design and planning, coupled with long experience in real-world businesses in both commerce and industry.
pds supports a wide range of government and commercial clients throughout Queensland with consultancy and programming services.
Please contact us to discuss your project.

MS Access databases

Do you have MS Access databases that need work?

can design an Access database for you from scratch, or we're happy to refine what you've developed for yourself.  Databases will be network ready, multi-user, password protected, secure and encrypted (if you need it).  We can design them to output your reports to Excel as well as to paper, and  to use Excel spreadsheets as your input medium: we can even design a Word form for your data base entries if that suits your needs best.

We've worked with MS Access since Version 1.0.  Let us help you fine tune MS Access to your needs.

Purpose Built Programs

Need a program to meet specific business needs???

We can design and build custom programs:
- Multi user with audit trail logs
- Layered security built in if required
- Network ready
- Sharing data with other systems
- Modern
scalable systems
- tailored to your business and guaranteed to conform to your specification. Our business approach means that you get systems that work, and we will provide integrated and context sensitive help files to make it easier for your users to work confidently with their new program.

Excel Spreadsheet design

Need a spreadsheet to meet specific business needs???

- We can design and build your spreadsheets:

- Secured against change
- Validated data input and direct links to related databases
- Sharing data with other systems
- Spreadsheets designed to your specification